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There he was again, his tight camo pants stretched over that hot bubble
ass. Damn for someone who was so hot it was too bad that he never got those
filters that most people have that keep them from saying stupid things. Oh
well, it was a judo class, so you can’t expect Miss Manners behavior I
guess.”Hey Shane, how are things going today”"Fuckin’ Cp Lolita assholes, I had to have my goddamn physical today. Every time the
fuckin’ doctor sticks his finger in my asshole I squirt cum all over the
goddamn table!”What! Wait, What! Ok Matt, pull Cp Lolita
it together “Damn Shane, what do you do?”"Nah, its not that fuckin’ of a big deal. I just tell him to give me a
fuckin’ paper towel so I can clean up the mess” he Cp Lolita drawls.”Damn Shane, you’d make a hot fuck!”Wait, What did I just say? Why the hell Cp Lolita did I say that, and where did it
come from. Damn, I don’t hit on the students. Not that there haven’t been
some that I’ve jacked-off thinking about, Cp Lolita
the class is almost all college
age guys. I’ve got to watch what comes out of my mouth before I out myself
to the whole class! Ok, calm down, calm down. He’s so dense he probably
didn’t even notice you said it.I continue to walk around the room, helping whoever needs it. Since Shane
is the junior black belt in the class he’s doing the same with the other
students. It’s a pretty large class so there is plenty to do, but
occasionally I catch Shane glancing over at me. I start to wonder if the
dense little army boy didn’t hear me after all. Great, now I’ll have to
deal with someone with the social skills of a two year old Cp Lolita in a large, very
hot, 21 year old body. Oh well, nothing to do now but deal with whatever
happens. We’ve worked through all the drill and it comes time to demo the
new stuff. Nice slow throws for the newbies.”Shane, come here and let me show osoto-gari” I call out. He trots over,
obedient as always. One thing about ROTC kids, they can follow
instruction. As he comes across the mat I notice the fine sheen of sweat
across his face, damn he has a chiseled jaw too, with just a day or so
growth of beard. Man that would feel great to run my lips over and
taste. Oh fuck! I’m doing it again. Fortunately the gi pants cover my
stiffening baby-maker. I don’t know what is up with me today. Shit! Focus
Matt!”Ok, so this is the right way to do it. Drop your center below that of your
partner and” and I take them through it step by step. Throwing Shane over
and over as I grab the front of his gi. The steamy smell of hot man pulsing
up from his open gi top. I notice again the nice fan of chest hair he has
between his pecs and the darker trail down to… Crap, doing it again. I’ve
got to finish Cp Lolita this session and get home to flog my stiff rod. Yeah, that
must be it. I’m just fucking horny and need to shoot off a good load.”Ok, everyone work in pairs and we’ll come around and help” and we start
the rounds of working with the other students. Fortunately the rest of the
session goes fast and we move off the mat to change clothes. Watching as
Shane bends over and drops his gi pants to change pants, I stare at his
round, hard, bubble ass and the dusting of hair coming out the top of this
boxers. As I stare in a daze at his round ass and nicely furred legs I
realize that he is talking to me.”Yeah, sorry, what did you say Shane”"Fuck Matt, where is your head, you were just staring at me like fuck.”"Sorry Shane, just zoning. What’s up?” “I was wondering if you wanted to
come over and have a beer or three. You know just fuckin relax for a while
and chill out”I look over as he pulls on those damn tight army camo pants. They gather
around his basket and make it bulge out even bigger than usual. I watch as
Shane grabs his package and shoves it in and then quickly zips his pants. I
realize that my cock is hard as granite and I still haven’t answered
him. As I answer I realize he’s never invited me over before but sometimes
its tough to think with a pipe hard cock threatening to burst out of the
jock strap constraining it.”Sure Shane, I could use a brew to take the edge off”I toss the rest of my gear in my bag and follow him out to the parking
lot. Watching his tight ass as we walk out.”Ok, I’ll follow you. Just don’t drive like a bat outta hell and lose me,
because I don’t know where the hell you live.”Shane laughs as he opens the door to his pickup. Swinging up he yells out,”Just keep up old man if you want the beer.”He takes off as I fume over his comment. I might be 32 but I’m not an old
man and at 6′ 2″ and 210 pounds of judo muscle I can whip his little punk
ass! Well at least I think I can. As the sting starts to receded from his
commend I realize we’re pulling into the apartment parking lots. Following
him to the door I have a strong urge to grab his ass as he pauses to get
the door open. When it finally opens my senses are assaulted with the
typical smells of a college age male who lives alone, the smell of a locker
room with careful under tone of dried cum. Not a bad smell really. I fling
myself into the chair as he disappears into his room. Flipping though the
TV channels I am trying to figure out what is going on when he reappears in
nothing but a pair of athletic shorts. His bare chest is still gleaming
from the sweat of the workout. He retrieves a 12 pack of beer from the frig
and tosses me one. He drops in one of the others chairs and props his feet
up. Looking over at me he smiles and says, “I hate those fuckin pants, they
cut my nuts in half”. He laughs to himself as he reaches between his legs
to readjust himself. I chuckle as I turn back to the show. Watching the TV
and slowly finishing the beer I have, I look over and realize that Shane
has finished off most of the rest of the beers and is looking much more
relaxed. When I pop the open my second beer and glance over, Shane meets my
gaze and smiles,”So do you really want to fuck my ass”?I choke and barely keep from spewing beer everywhere. “What? What did you
say”" You heard me, you wanna fuck my ass?” he slurred out as he looked at me
with a leer in his eyes. Briefly I thought I shouldn’t, my student, I’m 10
years older, then my cock started thinking for me and said ‘FUCK HIM!’”You want to get fucked Shane? You want a thick hard cock up that tight
college ass of yours?”For an answer he turns over so his nylon-covered ass is in the air with his
knees on the couch. Laying his face against the padding on the back he
looks at me and smiles, wiggling his ass in the air.I think to myself ‘ok fucker but we’re doing this my way since I’m sure
this is a one time thing’. Standing up I walk over behind his ass and grab
both halves in my hands and squeeze hard. Feeling his hard ass cheeks under
my hands I start squeezing them.”Ok Shane, but we’re going to have some fun first”"Whatever fucker, but I’m not doing any of that fag stuff” he spits out. I
briefly wonder what he thinks getting a cock up your ass is as I kneel down
behind his ass on the floor. Reaching up I begin to peel down his shorts
and as his ivory white ass comes into view I realize he had took off the
underwear too. As I finish pulling the shorts Cp Lolita
down as far as I can I pull
apart the globes of his ass and get the aroma of pure, hot man. His pink,
wrinkled eye flexes and puckers as I softly blow across it. This gets a low
moan from Shane as he opens his legs wider. I stare at the beautiful sight
in front of me. The nicely haired crack of his ass lightly forested with
dark blond hair. Blowing across his pink pucker I slip a finger in my
mouth, coating it with my spit. Then using my wet finger I start slicking
down the hair around his male gateway. Rubbing and exploring each crevasse
with my slick finger I look to see what effect I’m having on my tight assed
military boy. Then I lean in pushing his melon halves apart even further
and quickly running my tongue over his convulsing hole.”Fuck, OH HOLY FUCK, what the fuck are you doing”Sitting back on my heels and continue to rub my finger over his now
convulsing hole “You want me to stop?”"Goddamn no, it’s just. Oh fuck…” as I continue to work on his tight
college boy hole he degenerates to just a series of moans and soft
profanity. As his hole loosens I slip the end of my finger to the first
knuckle, then bury it deep in his boy tunnel and start finger fucking him
slowly.”How about now Shane, is that what you wanted?” His head tossing and
groaning is all the response I get. Smiling I dive back between his flexing
cheeks and I Cp Lolita bury my face in his ass crack, licking, biting and tongue
fucking his tight hole like a man starving for fresh college hole.”holyfuckingmotherofgod?! Motherfucker! GODDAMN!!” His head goes down as
more and loader moans roll from his mouth. He forces his legs so far apart
that the shorts around his lower legs start to rip. Stopping long enough to
throw the tattered rags to the floor I plunge my face back in his ass
crack, running my chin stubble over his twitching hole and tongue fucking
him hard and fast, burying my tongue deeper and deeper into the moist
interior of his hole. His moans and screams keep escalating until I know
every neighbor has to be hearing him.”Yes, YES, FUCK! Fuck my tight hole! BURY THAT TONGUE IN MY ASSHOLE! FUCK!
FFFUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!! I’M CUMMMIN’!!!!”And with that his hole clenches down on my tongue and his back arches as he
starts shooting ribbon after ribbon of white hot cum across the chair. As
he gasps for air I again bury my face in his hole. Prying his now clenched
hole open with my tongue until he finally relaxes.”Oh fuck Matt. Goddamn that was. Oh fucker I’ve never came that hard”"Wait Shane, just wait. We aren’t there yet. Do you have lube?”He weakly motions to the end of the couch. Leaning around I find the bottle
of lube left from his last jackoff session. Working globs of lube into his
asshole as I first slide one, then two and finally three fingers deep into
his rapidly loosening hole. With my cock feeling like a steel pipe, I am so
horny that gentle is not going to be part of what I am about to do. I start
ramming all three fingers into his ass, grazing his butt nut with my
fingers and get a loud groan in response.”Shit man yeah! That’s it! That feels Cp Lolita so good” as he moans and twists under
me.”That’s nothing Shane, just wait until you get the main event.”Standing I pull down my wind pants and revealed my stuffed jock
strap. Shane watches as I slowly push it down, my aching hard cock
springing free with a wet slap again my stomach. Drenched in precum I run
my finger around the head and smile at Shane.”This what you want big boy? You want some hard thick man cock in your
tight college asshole.”Shane is almost drooling as he looks at my cock jutting above my low
hanging nuts. He licks his lips as I rub my finger over the cock head that
is almost purple in anticipation of what’s coming.”Yeah, fuck me Matt, fuck me hard.”Walking up behind him I open his cheeks with one hand while sliding my wet
slippery cock head against his well worked hole. Pressing again it we both
moan loudly as the heat at the point of joining feels like molten
lava. Pressing into his ass I watch as the head of my throbbing hard cock
slides into his asshole. I feel the resistance of his sphincter, but with Cp Lolita
slight thrust of my hips I feel my cock pop past it, taking his boy cherry.
I then shove it to the hilt, rubbing by pubes against his tight ass.”OHGODDAMNHOLYFUCK!!! It fuckin hurts like hell!” as Shane squirms in my
hands. I reach under him and grab his wet dripping cock in my hand and
start jacking him.”Relax Shane, it will be much better in a minute. Relax and it won’t hurt
as much.”As I work his cock I feel him start to relax. I feel him start to fuck
himself on my cock, rising I pull my cock almost out and then watch his ass
eats more and more of my cock. Suddenly he pushes back hard, burying my
cock completely in his ass.”oh yeah, Matt. Fuck me…ram it in. Fuck my army asshole”Only too happy to comply I start long dicking his ass. Pulling almost out,
sliding slowly in, as I build speed.”That what you want army boy? Need some thick hard man cock in that tight
hole of yours”"Yes sir! Fuck me sir!”Oh, so we have a little fantasy going on here too. Good enough Shane I’m
happy to plug your ass and let you dream about getting a good army
fuck. Grabbing his hips with both hands I start pounding his ass hard and
fast. Angling down a little more I start using my cock Cp Lolita as a battering ram
on his prostate. I feel my nuts tighten up and know I won’t last
long. Slamming hard into his ass I feel the cum start to boil out of my
full nuts.”Take it Shane! Take my fuck stick! I’m going to fill your ass!!!”I slam into his ass a few more times as my orgasm envelops me. Pinning his
ass in a vice grip I bury my shooting cock deep in his ass.”FUCKKKK! TAKE IT!!!”As the volleys of cum go deep in his ass I realize his ass Cp Lolita
is push back
hard against me, his cock shooting off round after round of cum.”DAMNIT! SHIT! CUMMING AGAIN!”We both shutter as the last cum drains from our balls. As we collapse in a
heap my cock pops out of his well-used hole. Holding him as we both come
down from phenomenal orgasms.”Damn Shane. Damn…”He nods, still gasping for air. As I look back I see my cum running down
his gaping ass, dripping off his nuts. I chuckle and look at him.”Maybe you need a shower.”Gathering himself up, he walks to the bedroom. Looking over his shoulder at
me, “Yeah, I got an early day today. See you at class on Thursday.”Pulling himself from under me he walks into the bedroom without a backward
glance. I watch as his ass disappears from view.”Oh, yeah. Ok. Later”I pull on my clothes and leave. Wondering what problems I’ve created from
myself…This is my first attempt at writing for Nifty. Any comments or suggestions
would be welcome. reddirtwriteryahoo.com
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